WINDOWS dometic seitz


Please look for the A??????????? number bonded between the the 2 panes in the top RH corner of the window viewed from the outside of the vehicle.

Also please look for colour of hinge bar black or silver

Please note S4 and S5 windows both say S5 in the code, but the glazing panels are all the same. The only difference between S4 and S5 is that S4 windows have a roller blind fitted and an S5 window has a concertina pleated blind. Often ( but not in all cases) S4 windows have very dark brown, nearly black handles and S5 and S6 tend to have grey handles.

PLEASE NOTE :- AS OF OCTOBER 2020 ​SOME SEITZ GLAZING PANELS NOW COME WITH AN ADDITIONAL RUBBER PROFILE FITTED INTO THE HINGE PROFILE (this is a mechanical improvement by the manufacturer and does not affect old and new panels being interchangeable).

P6 Windows have inverted "bubble" to the inside and flat to the outside.

ARE2/ S7 widows can have 2 different kinds of locking systems, so please take care with diagrams.

C4 windows are frameless.

Please view manufacturers website below for further full product information :-

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